Brown And Easter Hoping For Harlequins Rebound

Harlequins played very poorly against the Exeter Chiefs in their last outing to lose 36-25 and this has not gone down well with the coaching staff.

Mike Brown is looking for recoil from this losing situation in the next Harlequins game where they will be taking on the champions Saracens. The new member of the coaching staff Nick Easter echoes the same thing that Mike Brown is saying. He feels that the loss was due to the team not sticking on to the game plan.

The Harlequins had three tries at Sandy Park; they did very poorly on defense and the set piece. They had a very good attacking game against the Chiefs. Four of the tries that Exeter earned were through set pieces. One of the issues that have come into the limelight is the teething problems that the team is suffering from the new coaching regime with John Kingston at its helm and the promotion of player Easter as a defense coach and using Graham Rowentree as the forwards coach. Brown is of the opinion that it is not the coaches, but the players that need to take the blame. They did not work as per plan and this is why they lose.

Nick Easter Wonders How To Manage His Dual Role

When John Kingston was appointed as director of rugby, he announced that Easter would play the role of a coach foremost before he assumes the role of a player for the team.

Hence, it would be grueling for him to find adequate time to fulfill training requirements, attend meetings and analytical sessions besides being one of the boys as well. There is a fine line between being a player and a coach and he would have to work on that as well.

At a time when there is a lot going on among the rugby clubs in Europe, Nick Easter assumes a dual role that promises to be challenging for him. While some players like Joe Marley has been banned for two weeks on the grounds of misconduct, other teams are sprucing up their players for the finals of the European Challenge Cup.

Nick Easter voices weight concern for youngsters

Former England captain and Harlequins FC No. 8 Nick Easter has joined the chorus of a growing opposition to raise concerns about the gym monkey tradition that has become rife in the sport in the academy level amid fears that many careers will be cut short by brutal on field collisions in the future.

The 36 year old, who only became a professional eleven seasons ago and never had any formal academy training, believes that the size of the youngsters who are now making their way into the sport are a cause for concern. According to reports, the England Under-18 side that played against Wales in 2014 was heavier – man for man – than the senior England side that Will Carling led to the Rugby World Cup final in 1991.

According to Nick Easter, if he had been playing at club and international level week in and week out at 20 or 21 years of age in a position that requires a lot of attrition like No. 8, he is not sure that his body would be in the same condition as it is now. He added that is what most youngsters that are coming through fear. These players are two to three stones heavier than the previous generations of Under-18 sides and yet, they are running at much higher speeds which make a collision even more dangerous.

Jarryd Hayne Signs Up With 49ers

Jarryd Hayne has reportedly signed up with San Francisco 49ers recently on a reserves/future contract deal.

The 27-year-old rugby hero, who was felicitated as 2014 NRL Player, declared the news in one of his recent new conferences that took place in Sydney. As per the press reports, Jarryd chose 49ers over Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

According to the statement of the player, when he was told about 49ers interest in him, he was apprehensive given coaching switch right from Harbaugh (Jim) to Tomsula (Jim). However, he met Tomsula and had discussions with him for long which made him realize that “probably he was the sole coach with such a vast understanding about transition.”

San Francisco guaranteed him $100,000 which was not with Detroit and Hayne did not waste time to finalize his contract with 49ers.

“It’s a little step but in right direction”, noted Hayne. “It’s now that the tough stuff starts.”

Nick Easter still harbours England dreams

Harlequins FC number 8 Nick Easter is keen to rejoin the England set up because he believes he still has a lot of unfinished business in the international scene.

The Englishman has not featured for the national team since the debacle of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, following the arrival of Stuart Lancaster as head coach. But with Ben Morgan ruled out for the upcoming Six Nations Championship with a broken leg and facing a race against time to be fit for the Rugby World Cup on home soil in the summer, Easter his staked his claim for a place in the squad.

Easter stated that he still has that hunger he always had to play for England, maybe even stronger. He went on to add that he thinks that he is a much better player now than he was when he was last capped by England, stating that his decision making has improved and he has cut down on his off field antics as well.

Nick Easter To Play For Harlequins For Two More Years

Nick Easter who plays for the professional team Harlequins may very soon sign a contract with the team which would let him play for the team for two more years. He is also willing to continue playing for the England National Rugby Union Team. He may sign the contract soon. It is also likely that he will continue playing rugby even when he reaches 40 years of age.

Easter said that even though it is unlikely that he’ll be excluded from the national Rugby team now, he might not be able to play for England for long. After the disastrous performance of the England national rugby union team in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Stuart Lancaster became the coach of the team and removed Nick Easter from the team. Easter believes that his current form will let him perform well when he would play for the national team.

Easter said that he has displayed his resolve to get back in the national team. He said that the selection of a player to the national team sometimes depends on whether the selectors like that particular player or not. Easter said that he is satisfied that he is able to play for a team he likes.

Easter took part in a premiership match first time when he was 26. Some consider that Easter is a born Rugby player. Easter also thinks that it might be a reason behind his rugby prowess. He said that he led a normal life before started playing professional rugby. Easter said that when he was 19 to 21 years of age, his body didn’t receive much damage and thus he is still able to play the sport. If he played professional rugby at that time then he wouldn’t be able to continue playing at this age because the injuries he’d receive at that time would not let him.