Harlequins Rugby Style Kept Easter Going

Nick Easter, who has been the legend of Harlequins, stated that it’s the club style of rugby that keeps him refreshed and going. This is how he managed to rack up his stunning 184 Premiership Rugby appearances. Easter took his retirement at the age of 37 as he wanted to be a part of the Harlequins. He was always impressed with the rugby brand and the team had set no limitations on how players played the game. They always gave the freedom to players to express themselves and that’s what made Easter comfortable to become a part of the group. The team expects you to push boundaries which make players perform even when they are under tremendous pressure from their opponents.

Easter could avoid physical training and now that he is a coach, he ensures others avoid it too. He is quite happy and content that he retired on his own terms. He won 54 caps at the international level with England and scored 4 tries in 62-5 victory against Wales within his fourth match at Twickenham. He also admits that he could look back on his career with fondness and pride at the Hall of Fame gala. The Harlequins coach has always been fair on players and hence feels deeply honored when he sees them achieving fame and victory.

It is a special feeling altogether when your team gives you the credit of being the best coach. He never did the things for recognition but played as he loved the game. He always wanted to get better and played against strong players to achieve his best. As he sits back and when these moments pop up in his thoughts, it certainly makes him recollect how special those moments have been. It makes him feel proud about how good a coach he has been.

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