1. bunch of fucking losers from a broken and demoralised country.

    The ‘GREAT’ went out of Britain 40 years ago.

    No wonder they lost.

  2. ENGLISH FANS— ere we go ere we go ere we go, ere we go ere we go ere we goooo, ere we go ere we go ere we go, ere we goooo, going fuckin home, hahahahaha

  3. @plonker00765 PMSL i like it do what i do mute the sound when they play that never mind we wont have to listen to that shit any more beacuse there going where oh yes GOING HOME

  4. well done france M J couldnt pick his f nose let alone a team good riddance to the smug git

  5. commiserations england.just couldnt match that french flair.rip.

  6. @MrSabot88 lol you wish you soft ozzy puff

  7. @MrSabot88 lol you wish you soft ozzy puff

  8. @1gazary the only losers we are going to see soon are this bunch of Pom bastards getting thrashed! LOL!

    Has the Pom capt decided which blonde he wants ?

  9. @MrSabot88 just face it you ozzys should stick to bushcraft or something coz you are sore loosers when it comes to rugby lol.

  10. @1gazary fuck poms like u who are cheap and three a penny! Pom rugby team bunch of over the hill Pom fuckwits trying to play rugby!

    by the way when u have a pom captain more interested in fornication then playing rugby ur rugby is fucked! ROTFL!!!

  11. @MrSabot88 you still sore for loosing to england in 2003 ozzy lad lolol

  12. MrSabot88 You must love us really. But you have a really got to sort out your inferiority complex, its ugly, bit like your women.

  13. doesn’t matter who’s in the team, they don’t stand a chance, maybe if you lot start singing swing low sweet charriot, (you know the one) the one that sounds like a death march, who the hell thought that this would inpire a rugby team? a bit like your national anthem, it’s about an old woman of german heritage, not a country or nation.

  14. Bunch of lead balled pommie bastard wankers! Cannot kick, cannot run, cannot ruck or maul, cannot tackle, cannot score tries BUT can INDULGE IN DIRTY PLAY!!!

    Fuck the pommie wanker LAWES who has been banned for 3 weeks! Fuck england

  15. @JDwoody96 Bananaman is rubbish. Wish he would’ve taken Sharples instead.

  16. @Rugbyisthename He is 1st class mate! Quality , english version of sonny bill without the offloads

  17. Now that the 30 has been announced what do you think of England’s chances?

  18. @Jdwoody96 i forgot him :S but hes playing shit any way

  19. You dont know shit you scrawny faggit. Where the fuck is banahan.

  20. 9.youngs (depending on form)
    10. wilko
    11. ashton
    12. riki flutey
    13. tindall
    14. sharples
    15. foden
    Pace,Finesse and Power!

  21. Care is out now 🙁

  22. Doesn’t matter what the squad is…your still a second rate rugby nation.
    Overall played 34….NZ wins 27…….England 6…most of these game played in England

  23. @imnotapaedo Good shit Sherlock. But you need a hot cup of brighten the fuck up

  24. i remember the forwards who came to NZ before u won the world cup. Shit bricks these poms are matching and beat our forwards that just doesnt happen in NZ rugby. 2011 ur forwards dont have that aura anymore be pepared to be chewed up a spit out the arse end of a Ritchie led all black pack

  25. decent selection! either way I cant wait for world cup to start, England have a great chance. Regardless of recent form england always bring their A game come world cup time! Likes of New Zealand and Australia are running scared

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