Heineken Challenge By Nick Easter

Nick Easter with his legendary past is the perfect candidate for social campaigns along with other celebrity ex star players of rugby.

Ugo Monye and Nick Easter have recently participated in a Take The Hit campaign that is a charitable program being sponsored by Heineken. The company has gotten both the ex star players to take the challenge which is a bungee jump of dramatic proportions.

Both the stars will be facing each other in this challenge where the event would be initiated by the flip of a coin. Even though both players are brave but they will need nerves of steel to face the challenge that Heineken has planned. Both the players were part of the Harlequins team when they were actively playing rugby at international league levels. The task in front of them is to take a bungee jump when the 2017 finals happen at Murrayfield for European Cup.

The finals are a few weeks away at the quarter final and semi final games are coming on. The catch of the challenge is that either of the players will have to take the bungee jump which will be decided by the flip of the coin. Hence, both need to be ready to take the plunge within seconds of the coin toss. Nick Easter has already agreed for the Take the Hit campaign, which was planned for the School of Hard Knocks. This is a charitable organization that looks into social inclusion schemes such as tackling unemployment through rugby disciplines. The challenge will be overseen by Jim Hamilton, who is a Saracens player as well as a rugby heavyweight. The height of the bungee jump is yet to be decided and would depend on the money raised for the charity campaign. It will certainly be an interesting addition to the finals of the European Cup.