Jarryd Hayne Signs Up With 49ers

Jarryd Hayne has reportedly signed up with San Francisco 49ers recently on a reserves/future contract deal.

The 27-year-old rugby hero, who was felicitated as 2014 NRL Player, declared the news in one of his recent new conferences that took place in Sydney. As per the press reports, Jarryd chose 49ers over Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

According to the statement of the player, when he was told about 49ers interest in him, he was apprehensive given coaching switch right from Harbaugh (Jim) to Tomsula (Jim). However, he met Tomsula and had discussions with him for long which made him realize that “probably he was the sole coach with such a vast understanding about transition.”

San Francisco guaranteed him $100,000 which was not with Detroit and Hayne did not waste time to finalize his contract with 49ers.

“It’s a little step but in right direction”, noted Hayne. “It’s now that the tough stuff starts.”

Jarryd is striving to be a rare player in rugby who had a lion’s share of the career abroad, playing another sport to convert successfully to NFL.

Hayne initially declared about intentions to come out of Rugby League given his NFL aspirations in October. Since then, the rugby champ has been training in US, with erstwhile NFL receiver Dwight (Tim). However, his NFL ambitions would take time to materialize given that he doesn’t carry any football experience. According to Dwight, Jarryd is blessed with good quickness & pace as well as comes up with great height and size. But then, he is needed to learn more on taking hit in league. If he is able to learn that, he would be really tough to tackle.

“He should come in & play with special teams. Hayne is needed to learn the tactics of rushing the punt then go to get back & block”, noted Dwight.