Manu Tuilagi Wants To Play At The Centre, His Favourite Position

Whether Manu Tuilagi will return to centre for the International competition in the autumn is one of the most debated questions in English Rugby. But Tuilagi has made it clear that he’d like to play at the centre more than anywhere else the last time he played on the wing.

On the tour of new Zealand, Tuilagi was placed as a wing and once he made an attempt to score by breaking from deep inside of his own side but the attempt was foiled by the New Zealand “all black” defense.

For the competition in November Tuilagi was again placed at the centre, the most coveted place.

Tuilagi said that playing at the centre is something he likes very much and it would definitely please him to be able to play in that position. He had told Coach Lancaster during the tour that center is “his position” but Lancaster wanted to try him on the wing. He considers playing at the centre to be a tough job and he also considers it to be challenging too.

Tuilagi said that the team is headed the right way and the players are confident about winning. This statement of his negates any speculation suggesting that there’s a tension between the coach and him or other players.

Despite the fact that England previously lost all three tests against the New Zealand “all blacks”, Tuilagi seems positive about victory.

Tuilagi said that Lancaster is preparing for the 2015 world cup and he has got a good team having a great culture, courtesy of the coach and a conditioning team in constant communication with the coach. So, one can be hopeful about England winning the world cup. According to him, it all comes down to chalking out a good plan and executing it properly.

Tuilagi is expected to be back playing for Leicester Tigers facing off Gloucester in this weekend. His aim will be to get his team in a good position after a surprisingly unsatisfactory start.