Nick Easter To Play For Harlequins For Two More Years

Nick Easter who plays for the professional team Harlequins may very soon sign a contract with the team which would let him play for the team for two more years. He is also willing to continue playing for the England National Rugby Union Team. He may sign the contract soon. It is also likely that he will continue playing rugby even when he reaches 40 years of age.

Easter said that even though it is unlikely that he’ll be excluded from the national Rugby team now, he might not be able to play for England for long. After the disastrous performance of the England national rugby union team in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Stuart Lancaster became the coach of the team and removed Nick Easter from the team. Easter believes that his current form will let him perform well when he would play for the national team.

Easter said that he has displayed his resolve to get back in the national team. He said that the selection of a player to the national team sometimes depends on whether the selectors like that particular player or not. Easter said that he is satisfied that he is able to play for a team he likes.

Easter took part in a premiership match first time when he was 26. Some consider that Easter is a born Rugby player. Easter also thinks that it might be a reason behind his rugby prowess. He said that he led a normal life before started playing professional rugby. Easter said that when he was 19 to 21 years of age, his body didn’t receive much damage and thus he is still able to play the sport. If he played professional rugby at that time then he wouldn’t be able to continue playing at this age because the injuries he’d receive at that time would not let him.