The 2017 edition of the Six Nations has begun and all teams are on their toes to ensure that they get something out of the event.

The defending title holders of the event, England, led by Eddie Jones – who so far has a 14 game winning streak to his name – are also hoping to retain the title.

They would be facing a lot of opposition from opponents, and rivals as well who would be looking to break their winning streak and stop them from winning the Six Nations tournament again.

First of all, England will go head on with France on the 4thof February 2016 at the Twickenham, where they would be hoping to hold down their own end and come off with a win against their French rivals.

In lieu of this, James Horwill a former captain of the Australian Rugby team has said that the England team will better have to give their best performance in the event unless they will be facing the wrath of the England coach.

Horwill recalled Jones giving his team a dressing down after they ended up performing poorly in a particular game.

Speaking at the Nordoff Robbins Six Nations dinner last week, Horwill said:

“He made us all sit on the floor of the changing room for 20 minutes while he shouted at us. It was really important stuff, though, like: ‘Why can’t you keep hold of the f***ing ball?’”

Nick Easter, a former England No. 8 has also agreed that the England Head coach always had a way with words.

Easter said: “I remember him calling New Zealand ‘a s***ty little island off the south coast of Australia.’ When the coach was asked to apologize, he said: ‘Sorry, I meant to say two s***ty little islands.’”